Miles G Saunders

Past Employment:

GIS / Lab Manager - Biology Penn State University
  • GIS Database manager for deep-sea seep and coral communities
  • Directed undergraduate workflow and technical system maintenance
  • Deep-sea photo mosaicking, geo-referencing and digitizing
  • NOAA/NRDA data manager for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Geophysical Surveyor - Stratamodel Incorporated
  • Team leader of month-long geophysical surveys in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Niger
  • Development and calibration of mobile Gamma detectors for uranium surveys
  • Autonomous orienteering, detector deployment and recovery
  • Daily coordination of survey teams and planning operational procedures
Operations Supervisor - Lake Oswego Corporation
  • Performed Invasive plant reduction, phosphorous mitigation and water quality metrics on Lake Oswego
  • Maintain fleet of seven boats, including care for tools, pumps, decks, and hulls
  • Supervise / Coordinate lake work crew
  • Operate / Maintain Hydro-generators
  • Design and Build basic mechanical equipment for use in lake operations
Farm Technician - Plant Pathology Penn State University
  • Fruit and Plant evaluations for disease and insect pressure
  • Established and maintained drip irrigation systems for large outdoor experiments
  • General farm maintenance and upkeep
  • Large farm equipment operator
Research Assistant - Entomology Penn State University
  • Assessed ecological impact of transgenic crops versus traditional crops by
    reference to insect species diversity as proxy for ecosystem health
  • Developed protocols for rearing species of Carabidae beetles in laboratory


Agro-Ecology - R.E. Larson Agricultural Research Center
  • Conducted clinical trials to determine optimal application rate of trial fungicide on tomato plants
  • Monitored Aphid traps for tracking Asian Soybean Rust Virus migration through the Appalachian region
  • Assisted biological control research in cucurbits through fruit yield surveys.
Geography Fire Ecology - Guadalupe Mountains, TX
  • Performed tree species identification and tree classifications for purpose of evaluating environmental effects of fire on natural West Texas environment
  • Collected, analyzed and presented written data during competitive internship
  • Sample site orienteering and triangulation using GPS, Topo-Quad and compass
  • Fire scarred tree discovery, location and removal


Bachelor of Science in Geography - 2007
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate GIS - 2012
MPS: Homeland Security - Geospatial Intelligence - 2018


PLOS ONE: Home bodies and wanderers: sympatric lineages of the deep-sea black coral, Leiopathes glaberrima
PNAS: Footprint of Deepwater Horizon blowout impact to deep-water coral communities
In-Situ Bio-One: Observations of the Deep-sea Goosefish Sladenia shaefersi Caruso and Bullis (Lophiiformes: Lophiidae), with Evidence of Extreme Sexual Dimorphism
Oceanography: The E/V Nautilus 2014 Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Field Season - Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf of Mexico (ECOGIG)
Oceanography: The E/V Nautilus and NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer 2015 Field Season - ECOGIG: Oil Spill Effects on Deep-Sea Corals Through the Lenses of Natural Hydrocarbon Seeps and Long Time Series

Computer Skills:

ESRI ArcGIS Products
Qimera - Hydrographic Processing
DVLNav / Navest
MB-Systems - Multibeam Processing
Trimble: eCognition - Image Recognition
LIDAR Data Processing
HyPack - Hydrographic Survey Software
Tracklink 5000 - USBL tracking
Seafloor Information Systems
Echosounder Suite
SoundSpeed Manager
Office Suite (Microsoft / Libre)
Linux / OS X / Windows
Hardware Replacement
Computer Assembly


PEC - SafeGulf
Open Water SCUBA
24-hour HAZWOPER
Helicopter Underwater Egress Training
Open water survival
STCW '10 Personal Survival
BP Safe Driving
Incident Command System - IS-100.b
Emergency Management IS-230.c
National Incident Management - IS-700.a


OSV Hos Sweetwater - March 2011
RV McArthur II - April – May 2011
OSV Chouest Holiday - October 2011
RV Endeavor - April 2012
RV Brooks-McCall - July 2012
RV Falkor - November 2012
EV Nautilus - Navigator - June – July 2014
EV Nautilus - Navigator - April – May 2015
DSV Ocean Inspector - Sept. - Oct. 2016


Barge transects and docking
Off-road Navigation and driving
Web-Server creation and maintenance
Farm Machinery Operator
Bicycle Mechanic
Forklift Operator
Lake Oswego Corporation

This is the large hydro-generator that I operated and maintained at the Lake Oswego Corporation, this generator produces 600kW. 

Stratamodel Incorporated

Tools used to survey the Utah desert for Uranium deposits.  Chainsaw auger, GPS, Radon Detectors and Flagging.  This survey was 75 square miles. 

Penn State University

Deployment of Multi-core sampler during a Research Cruise in the Gulf of Mexico aboard the R/V Endeavor